Budish, Solomon, Steiner & Peck

There’s no denying it - - we live in a very complex world. And as our lives have grown more complicated, so have our laws. Budish, Solomon, Steiner & Peck 5acts as your partner with enormous expertise in the law, but who can explain it to you in a way that makes sense and in a way you are comfortable with. We at Budish, Solomon, Steiner & Peck still base our business practices on very simple, old fashioned standards. We treat all of our clients with respect; we work as hard as we can to achieve our clients’ legal goals; and we value honesty and integrity.
By New York standards, we are a pretty small firm. But don’t confuse small size with limited services. We have one of the largest and most highly respected estate planning, probate, tax and elder law practices in the country. Our lawyers are nationally known. We regularly write for national publications, such as Family Circle and Modern Maturity magazines; have been quoted in leading publications such as Newsweek and The New York Times; and have appeared on numerous national and local television and radio programs. Because of our expertise, we are frequently invited to give lectures to organizations of attorneys, accountants, and financial planners.
Our clients range from individuals with very modest estates, who want simple wills, to multimillionaires and family-owned businesses with complex legal needs. We are proud to have helped thousands of people through hard times and difficult problems. And we are always pleased when we can help clients reach their goals. For example, we have successfully enabled many people to avoid the hassles and costs of probate, reduce or eliminate excessive taxes, insulate their estate from creditors and in-laws, and protect their life savings from catastrophic nursing home costs.
Our attorneys also work extensively with family business owners, to help handle the critically important legal issues that often sidetrack successful enterprises. For example, we have helped many small businesses escape unnecessarily heavy tax and paperwork burdens. And we have developed practical plans to enable the owners of family businesses to pass their companies on to sons and daughters as part of a beneficial estate plan.
We understand that many people are hesitant to consult with a lawyer, for lots of reasons: some folks are anxious that they will be made to feel inadequate; or they’re concerned about excessive charges; or they’re concerned they’ll be taken advantage of because of a previous unpleasant experience. We do our best to make people feel comfortable, and we pledge to treat every client fairly, respectfully, and honestly. One of the advantages of being a small firm is that we can provide a high level of personal attention. We do our best to understand your needs, and to explain our recommendations, both verbally and in writing. If you have questions, or remain uncertain about an explanation, let us know. We want you to be an informed legal consumer. Because we view our clients as partners in the decisions concerning your legal matters, we think it’s important to tell you our fees in advance of doing any work, so there will be no unexpected surprises at the end. It’s simply the right thing to do.
Over the years, we’ve received numerous professional honors and awards. But there is no honor that we value more than hearing a client tell us how much they appreciate our kindness, attention, and of course legal assistance of the highest quality.

Budish, Solomon, Steiner & Peck