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Today – how do you decide the best age for joining a retirement community? We’ll number the reasons why younger is better.
Then, how to make the mark with target funds.
We’ll wave goodbye to confusion over those Medicaid waivers.
Plus, our doctor has the answers for what ails you!
And, can you be held liable for your parents’ nursing home costs?

665 6/23/13

Today – What really matters when planning your retirement?  We’ll help you invest in the most valuable answers.
Then, we’ll round up the latest medical news.
We’ll meet a woman who discovered a new self-worth when she approved her smile.
Plus - down in the dumps? We’ll uncover why older adults aren’t immune to depression. 
And, what to do if the insurance company raises your premiums.

664 6/16/13

Today – treatment of trauma continues even after leaving the hospital. We’ll tune you into a network of support.
Then, ready to get schooled? We’ll teach you how to tally those education tax credits.
A “retiring” lifestyle can add up to an infinite array of activities. We’ll share why boredom will be banished.
Plus, why efficient exercise and your daily diet are so important as you age.
And, what can you do if the nursing home gives away your loved one’s bed.  

663 6/2/13

Today – There’s a painful mystery afoot. We’ll crack the case of what sets feet aflame.
Then, who wouldn’t want financial gain without risk? We’ll check out an investment that might fit the bill.
Want to plant a smile on your face? We’ll get to the root of your teeth troubles.
Plus, we’ll travel to the center of up-to-date breast cancer screening and treatment
And, learn how the sequester cuts are affecting you.

662 5/26/13

Today  - Do you understand healthcare exchanges? We’ll offer important information.
Then, we’ll learn a lesson about pension problems for Ohio educators.
You’ve got tomatoes and cucumbers in your garden, but get ready to harvest bushel of health benefits, too!
Plus –We’ll prescribe a healthy dose of medical news you can use.
And, a new law to help you tune out annoying TV commercials.

661 5/19/13

Today –The “eyes” have it! We’ll look into the importance of eye care.
Then, we go by the book to reveal how to receive great reads delivered right to your door.
We’ll meet a woman who changed her smile from top to bottom!
Plus – need help with your hearing? We have some “sound” additions to hearing aids!
And, is a new pension advance the answer to your money woes?

660 5/12/13

Today – a crisis is no time to start thinking about nursing care! We won’t wait to uncover first-class care that is close to home.
Then, your pension and your healthcare - we’ll check into important changes that are coming to both for many Ohio workers.
With fast action, we’ll stack the odds of surviving a stroke in your favor.
Plus – we’ll update you on the Affordable Care Act as it continues to take effect.
And, we’ll reveal a new legal trap that could force you to lose your home.  

659 5/5/13

Today – what you don’t know really can hurt you. We’ll reveal breaking news.
Then, is single premium life insurance the perfect investment? We’ll investigate.
It’s almost Mothers Day!  And we have a way to bring a smile to every mom’s face.
Plus – are the sides of your tub too tall? We’ll shower you with suggestions for avoiding a slip.
And, why this may be the best time for women to buy long-term care insurance.

658 4/28/13

Today – if you’re taking this, will it interfere with taking that? When is it OK to mix & match medications?
Then, will your investments insure a restful retirement? We’ll add up the cost of stepping down from work.
Looking for the perfect gift for mom? We've got some creative ideas.
Plus – we’ll visit a regal house that’s very much at home with nature.
And, has Social Security run its course?

657 4/21/13

Today – ah-choo! Are spring flowers making your allergies blossom? We’ll offer ways to nip those sniffles in the bud.
Then, most people have no real understanding of annuities – even people who own them! We’ll help analyze annuities.
We’ll make sure you smile is in tip-top shape.
Plus – we’ll reveal the histrionic-filled history behind a re-imagined hotel.
And, we’ll explain how to get a cost-free loan!

656 4/14/13

Today –Here’s to your health! We’ll prescribe medical news you can use.
Then, we’ll help you map out the twisty road of your life’s financial journey with a personal GPS – a Guiding Plan for Solvency!
Are you befuddled by your health benefits?  We’ll insure understanding.
Plus - medications can be miracles – but prescriptions can also become addictions. We’ll detail the dangers of drug abuse for seniors.
And, will you lose your home if you need a nursing home?

655 4/7/13

Today – are you maximizing your money? We’ll share ways to benefit most from your Social Security Benefits.
Then, a beautiful smile is within your reach!
We’ll help women feel their finest no matter what their age.
Plus we’ll shine light on a new exhibit that explores a personal perspective of the Holocaust.
And, you may not even know it, but you’re probably exposing your Social Security number every day. We’ll help protect you!

654 3/31/13

Today – should you roll over or sit and stay? We’ll give you the 4-1-1 on your 401(k).
Then, we’ll “pore” over ways to decide whether you need a dermatology diagnosis.
Need access to your Social Security account? The key is at your fingertips!
Plus – we’ll help spring blossom right in your own home!
And, we’ll reveal an important new tool to protect your home and life savings from creditors and lawsuits.

653 3/24/13

Today – Having health insurance from a hometown company is helpful – and healthful! We’ll explain how everyone benefits.
Then – are you ready for spring cleaning? Make this the season to tidy up your teeth, too.
We’ll prescribe healthy news every woman can use.
Plus we’ll make ourselves at home while holding court!
And, do you have to change your legal documents after your daughter gets married and changes her name?

652 3/17/13

Today – we’ll check out what’s on the books at the Cleveland Public Library.
Then, are you managing menopause? We’ll share what’s hot and what’s not in treatment alternatives.
FYI – we’ll spell out what you need to know about RMDs.
Plus – what if your pet needs care you can’t afford?  We have help for healing.
And, we’ll explain why two trusts may not be better than one.  

651 3/10/13

Today – a top G.I. reports for duty and gives us a battle plan to fight colon cancer.
Then, let’s welcome spring with a creative craft!
Did you greet the day with a smile? We’ll help your teeth rise and shine!
Plus – we’ll direct parents of adult children with disabilities to new avenues for help.
And, we’ll reveal a little-known strategy to save you thousands of dollars.  

650 3/1/13

Today – with the financial future in flux, are annuities the answer? We’ll add up the advantages and issues.
Then, if you’re restless when you recline, we’ll seek to solve your sleepless nights.
You detect mysterious behavior in your loved one with dementia. We’ll clue you in on how to create connection and cooperation.
Plus – we’ll catch up with a Cleveland comedian as he rants and raves about finding humor in our hometown.
And, we’ll make sure you know your rights.  

649 2/24/13

Today – tips that will have you sleeping like a baby!
Then, need a reason to smile?  We’ll share makeovers that will make your day!
Considering care options is complicated.  We’ll direct you to an optimal way to assess your alternatives. 
Plus – we’ll put you in the driver’s seat as we cruise car classics at a new auto exhibit.
And, even with Medicare, you’ll still pay plenty for your health care. So, we’ll offer helpful tips to cut your costs.  

648 2/17/13

Today – we’ll serve up a hearty helping of ways to lead a heart healthy lifestyle.
Then, you planned for your pension, but not for its plummet in possible payments. We’ll raise the risks of this new reality.
Which fabulous film will earn the Academy Award? We’ll preview the possibilities.
Plus – we’ll unearth the personal and financial benefits of pre-planning your funeral.
And, an important update just for you!

647 2/10/13

Today –Do you know a superior senior? We’ll volunteer an outstanding way to honor their accomplishments.
Then, we’ve got sweet talk on ways to love your smile.
Plus, although some women’s health issues seem too personal to discuss, we’ll open up about where you can get sensitive care for sensitive subjects.
Then, feeling down about downsizing? We’ll help you make the plan to make the move.
And, we’ll reveal a little-known technique to buy a new home for half the price!

646 2/3/13

Today – chilling news about working your heart in winter.
Then, we’ll meet the man who turned his back on TV and “wrote” into the sunset…
That tingle in your toes could turn to trouble. We’ll see what’s afoot for fixing your feet.
Plus – we’ll tell you which medical deductions have been subtracted for 2013.
And, what can you do if your pension plan wants you to pay back your benefits?

645 1/27/13

Today – macho men still need to have heart-to-hearts about health and heart disease.
Then, we’ll help your smile score big points by the big game!  
Do you know a superior senior? We’ll volunteer an outstanding way to honor their accomplishments.
Plus – winter’s gray days got you down? We’ll “arrange” for a touch of spring to appear with a fun floral centerpiece.
And, give a listen to the new gifting laws.  

644 1/20/13

Today – we’ll meet a woman who’s back in action after solving her back issues.
Then, we’ll create a sweet treat that will “blossom” by Valentine’s Day!  
Incontinence is more than inconvenient. We’ll share ways to stop the “go.”
Plus – should you buy in to pension buyouts? We’ll add up the alternatives.
And, little-known money-saving tips to boost benefits from Social Security.

643 1/13/13

Today – Our doctor’s appointment will offer a check up on the latest health news.
Then, we’ll talk about the timeliest tactics to touch up your teeth.
We’ll sneak a peek into the kitchens of Cleveland’s favorite chefs.
Plus – we have welcoming ways to stay on the wellness wagon.
And, we’ll reveal money saving Medicare tips for 2013.

642 1/6/13

Today – How to harmonize your hormones to help with successful weight loss.
Then, we’ll update you on the ups and downs of the money market.
Your childhood chicken pox may return to haunt you.
Plus – is your home a haven or has your domicile become a drain? We’ll see if you should sell yourself on selling.
And, don’t let bad IRA investments tarnish your golden years.  

641 12/30/12

Today – a new year is almost here! We’ll ring in the changes 2013 will bring to healthcare.
Then, head to a retirement community?!?!?!? No way! But our guest says it was the best decision he ever made!  Find out what changed his mind.
Resolving to give your teeth more attention in 2013?  We have the tools you need to make it happen.
Plus – we’ll prescribe a healthy dose of medical news you can use!
And, what happens if a caregiver takes control of your parents’ finances?

640 12/23/12

Today – we resolve to help with your new year’s health resolutions!
Then, when should you involve your family in your finances?  We’ll relate the right response.
The West Side Market is still cooking at 100 years old! We’ll share the recipe for its success.
Plus – looking for ways to get a jump on the job market? Our interview helps get you hired!
And, how to avoid the Medicare enrollment trap.

639 12/16/12

Today – To sleep perchance to dream! We’ll help make a good night’s sleep your dream come true!
Then, we’ll share untold tales of teeth that now twinkle!
We’ll investigate a Cleveland museum featuring murder, mystery and the men and women who captured the culprits!
Plus - we all pay a high price for health insurance fraud. We’ll empower you with ways to prevent it.
And, we’ll reveal little known options for expiring term insurance.

638 12/2/12

Today – already totaling your taxes for 2012? We’ll take a look at the financial landscape.
There’s no business like snow business! Find out why you have no business shoving a shovel.
Then, discover how art is this season’s best decoration.
Plus we’ll disclose how you can be confident your caregiver isn’t a criminal.
And, how to avoid a growing Medicare problem that could cost you thousands of dollars.

637 11/25/12

Today – Tired of muddling through your medical bills? We’ll prescribe ways to eliminate unexpected expenses.
Then, find out who’s smiling now!
Plus we’ll get a reading on helpful books that connect with those who have dementia.
And, how to avoid the annuity scam.  

636 11/18/12

Today – The holiday season is NOT a good reason to take a holiday from your health. Our gift to you is words of wisdom on wellness.
Cruising on the QE2 is grand, but for your financial happiness, what happens if you hop aboard a QE3?  Will your money sink or swim?
Then – it’s time to reimagine your future. We’ll do some retirement community myth-busting.
Plus, a program that can help protect you from fraud.
And, a little-known money-saving tip for your IRA or 401k.

635 11/11/12

Today – take a walk on the wellness side! Learn how bettering your back can straighten your stride.
For up-to-date info on your own healthcare, opt to go on line.  We’ll cite ways to make a website work for you.
Then, a veteran dentist will show us military makeovers.
Plus - this just in – up to date medical news – and what it means to you…
And, when your parents move in, follow our three steps to protect your pocketbook and your sanity.



Today – we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of heart disease in seniors.
Want to leave a legacy? We’ll look at ways to “insure” that happens.
Then, want to avoid a new hearing aid that doesn’t help? You can try out a device before you decide! Listen up to learn how.
Plus we’ll put you in touch with outpatient therapy – and why it may work for you.
And, we’ll reveal how to find those extra resources you need to allow your loved one to age at home.

633 10/28/12

Today – for many, the road to recovery runs through rehabilitation.  We’ll give you directions for a successful journey.
Then we’ll meet a woman who hated her teeth – but now loves her smile!
Looking for love in all the wrong places? We’ll help you discover how to date in the 21st century.
Plus we’ll take a healthy look at re-enrolling for Medicare.
And, how a services contract can protect some of your funds from nursing home costs.

632 10/21/12

Today – health care reform may be good for our wellbeing, but what about our wallets? We’ll total the tax impact.
A-I-P… I-L… what do these mean for Y-O-U?  We’ll spell out the ABCs of “senior speak.”
The Cleveland Museum of art now offers culinary masterpieces. We’ve reserved a table to talk about the new palate pleasers.
Plus we’ll prescribe care designed especially for seniors.
And, we’ll explain how to keep mom, dad or spouse at home  - and not in a nursing home - with the help of an elder care coordinator.

631 9/30/12

Today – the big C can raise big fears. We’ll look at treatments that may calm some concerns about cancer.
We’ll swear to give the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth to getting a beautiful smile!
Then, we’ll help you get your arms around the Affordable Care Act.  
Plus we’ll give balanced information on the importance of maintaining your balance.
And, how to stop those annoying telemarketing calls from interrupting your dinner.

630 9/23/12

Today – you have a hectic life – but your parents are needing you more. We’ll tutor you on how to have “The Talk.”
Being overweight can weigh heavily on your back.  We’ll help shape up your spine.
Then, we’ll propose ways to protect yourself from financial fraud.
Plus, mind-bending exercises to keep your memory fit!
And, can a parent or spouse with Alzheimer’s make a will or power of attorney?

629 9/16/12

Today – the Supreme Court has had its say and the Affordable Care Act is here to stay.  We’ll review the benefits headed your way.
Is your frown getting you down? We’ll give you new reasons to smile!
Then, we’ll tour a local museum that gives added “oomp-ah” to our passion for polka!  
Plus, it’s the number one killer of women. We’ll get to the heart of this alarming statistic.
And, we’re not being mean or vindictive, but you may be better off when your ex-spouse dies!

628 9/9/12

Today – who really needs a trust?  Trust us to tell you.
We'll share novel ideas for readers with sight challenges.
We’ll “canvass” the Museum of Art to uncover picture perfect paintings.
Independent living, assisted living, a CCRC - we’ll translate retirement community terminology.
Plus, we’ll have a check up to check out the latest medical news.
And, how will divorce affect your finances?  

627 9/2/12

Today –the big C – we’ll go to the front lines for the fight against cancer.
Heard hearing aid horror stories? We’ll separate fact from fiction.
Then, we’ll accessorize your latest look with a smart smile.
Plus, we'll clear up your blurry vision with these helpful products.
And, we’ll reveal when you don’t have to pay old credit card debt.

626 8/26/12

Today – everybody in the pool!  We’ll dive in with tips on how rehab can be relaxing when working out in the water!
Then, be drawn to the beauty of membership at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Could your mate manage the money without you? We’ll dispense common sense.
Plus, we'll ge a sneak peek at a spicey festival happening right here in Shaker Square.
And, how to boost your benefits with Social Security.

625 8/19/12

Today – retiring together! Will it lead to romance or ruin? We’ll offer advice for adjusting to your new life.
We’ll meet a woman who has a new reason to smile!
Then, did you know you can do aerobics for your brain? We’ll “work out” the details.
Plus, the big C – we’ll go to the front lines for the fight against cancer.
And, don’t let your IRA withdrawals trigger a double tax!

624 7/22/12

Today – juggling investments and taxes! We’ll make sure you don’t drop the ball.
Savor our sweet snacks that are super for summer!
Then, are your bones ready to break? We’ll prescribe a fix for your fragile frame. 
Plus, we’ll get into the swim of things at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium! 
And, how to avoid Medicare traps that could cost you a bundle.  

623 7/15/12

Today – how to sign up for CARE – a program that helps you care for a loved one with signs of Alzheimer’s.
Then, we’re going for the gold…. See how you can win a gold medal smile without a trip to London.
It’s all hands on deck to create a cool craft.
Plus, we’ll get the skinny on keeping our skin healthy.
And, how a little known veterans’ benefit can protect your home from the nursing home and Medicaid.  

622 7/1/12

Today – if you’ve stopped adding to your IRA, you’re subtracting from your nest egg. We’ll help you recalculate.
We have heart-warming advice to keep you heart-healthy.
Then – are your collectibles worth cash? We’ll sort out the antiques - and imitations.
Plus, if your essential life information is only divulged on a “need to know” basis, you need to know that your loved ones need to know NOW.  
And, how to make sure you have enough to live on when your spouse must enter a nursing home.  

621 6/15/12

Today – tummy troubles? We’ll seek to soothe your stomach strife.
We’ll log on to see how the Cleveland Public Library has put high-tech into high gear!
Then, meet a woman who hated her teeth – but now is in love with her smile.
Plus, learn how your expertise can keep entrepreneurs on top of their business.
And, don’t get stuck paying for your parents’ nursing home costs from your own pocket.

620 6/17/12

Today – a simple bump on the head can be bad for your brain.  We’ll diagnose the dangers of concussions.
Overextending yourself in trying to manage your own money? We’ll add up the benefits of turning to a professional.
Then – you can hear here – but you can’t hear there! We’ll aid you in hearing here, there and everywhere!
Plus – here come the brides! We’ll walk down history’s aisle to see what Clevelanders wore when they wed!
And, we’ll warn you about a little-know disaster that can result from a simple medical bill mistake.

619 6/3/12

Today – minor emergencies can mean long wait times in the ER.  We’ll direct you to the express line!
Crazy about cars? We’ll go back to the drawing board to see how designers said they “auto” be made!
Then – we’ll brush up on ways to keep your smile sunny all summer long!
Plus – a spirited discussion on finding uplifting activities.
And, how to combine veterans and Medicaid benefits to provide the best possible care for a loved one.  

618 5/27/12

Today – now hear this! You’re one of a kind and the hearing aid you use should be just as special.  We’ll aid you in this effort.
Do you “mesh” with crafting? We’ll show you how!
Then – In this election year, will our stocks be winners?
Plus – we’ll unfold battle plans for fighting heart failure.
And, if your spouse goes to a nursing home, make sure you get the extra money you’re entitled to.  

617 5/20/12

Today – we’ll get a read on the 87-year-old mother of Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts in a new book when we interview the author.
Don’t just grin and bear it! We’ll share ways to restore your smile.
Then – we’ll have a class in art history – to learn the history of Cleveland’s museum of art!
Plus – we’ll set you up to strike back against strokes.
And, how you can inspire your kids and grandkids even when you’re gone.  

616 5/13/12

Today – looking to improve your health?  Walk this way…!
We’ll celebrate Mother’s Day in fashion – with fabulous and frugal finds for mom.
Then – should annuities be in your retirement planning toolbox? We’ll nail down the answer.
Plus – we’ll wish a happy anniversary to a Cleveland institution that has been helping seniors for 130 years!
And, we’ll have an update on a little known program that can add thousands of dollars to your monthly income.  

615 5/6/12

Today – from the recovery room to rehabilitation. We’ll meet a woman who made this trip successfully.
We’ll share winning ways to make mom smile.
Then – we’ll celebrate a hospital’s historic anniversary.
Plus – we’ll examine how to avoid making a bad back worse.
And, we’ll make sure you’re taking advantage of all the tax breaks you can for medical expenses.

614 4/29/12

Ready to collect your Social Security?  Not so fast! We’ll share why timing is everything.
Then – craft a memorable Mother’s Day creation.
Plus – we’ll advance to the front lines on the battle against breast cancer.
And, a little known program that’s as important as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

613 4/22/12

Today – are you living with pain? We’ll prescribe methods to manage it. 
We’ll look at the “novel” ways the library is writing its own new chapter.
Then – we’ll meet a woman with plenty of reasons to smile.
Plus – we’ll help you “operate” your way to a successful surgery.
And legal advice you’ll want to hear.

612 4/15/12

Today – we’ll look to the future to see if pension plans are a thing of the past. 
Are your activities making your back pain worse? We’ll try to ease your mind –and your back.
Then - we feature a triple header! Discover an American writer, an Irish rover and a Hollywood brawler – all rolled into one big personality.
And, we’ll reveal tips to bullet-proof your estate from lawsuits after you die.  



Today – feeling a little off balance? We’ll help you stay steady.
Then, we’ll share input on dental implants.
You’re invited to a class reunion that’s been 100 years in the making!
Plus – we’ll check up on ways women can enhance their health.
And, how to protect your home when you need a nursing home.

610 4/1/12

Today – can colon cancer be stopped? We’ll alert you to the warning signs and prescribe preventions.
Then, “long term care” can also mean “lots of money.” We’ll take a long look at how to cover those costs.
Is your back bothering you? We’ll speak healing words for your sore spine.
And, we’ll reveal a new sinister government plan to cut Medicare coverage for nursing home stays.

609 3/25/12

Today –We’ll get to the heart of chest pain.
Then, our dentist will polish us up on ways to help teeth look younger than springtime!
We’ll paint a beautiful picture of the new Rembrandt exhibit.
Plus – depression is more than being down in the dumps. We’ll raise your awareness.
And, make sure you protect as much of your life savings as possible if you or your spouse need a nursing home.  

608 3/18/12

Today – open the page to the Cleveland Public Library’s latest bookings.
Then, tap into technology to stop fretting about your finances. We’ll “log you on.”
Are you running hot and cold? We’ll change the way you think about the change of life.
Plus – we get a snapshot of our history through the lens of a Cleveland photographer.
And, can insurance protect your home value from a drop in the market?

607 3/11/12

Today – grand parenting has changed.  Meet the new Dr. Spock to find out how.
Then, we’ll discover that life in a retirement village can be anything but retiring!
Our teeth aren’t immune to aging. We’ll fill you in on how to turn back the clock.
Plus - Is the answer to our energy problems blowing in the wind? We’ll ask our gust…I mean guest!
And, we’ll reveal a shameful secret about social security.

606 3/4/12

Today – we’ll go “back” to basics to set you straight on back pain.
Then, do your investments for education earn an A? We’ll put them to the test.
Plus, We’ll see how to counteract cataracts
And, can middle class folks forget about the estate tax under the new law?  

605 2/26/12

Today – we’ll check out what’s new at the Cleveland Public Library!
Then, we’ll meet a math professor who subtracted a problem and added a new smile!
Does paying off your mortgage pay off? We’ll add up the answer.
And, how you might make an illness pay off for you.  

604 2/19/12

Today - Do you “trust” that your estate plan “will” work? We’ll point out possible pitfalls.
Then, the Voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Joe Tait, tells us why his career has been a real ball!
Plus, we’ll unpack helpful advice you can use when moving from your home.
And, we’ll reveal new rights to get health insurance even if you have a pre-existing condition.

603 2/12/12

Today – as you prepare your taxes, file this note –there’s free help!  We’ll fill in the blanks.
Then, do you “grin and bear it?” We’ll share ways to smile without pain.
Are you “game” for a unique exhibit? “Project Mah Jongg” is a winner!
Plus, we’ll focus on how some special how photos tell the tales of the Civil War.
And, tips to ensure that your home and belongings are protected.  

602 1/29/12

Today – it’s not too early to get a jump on this year’s tax tips. We have them ready for you.
Then, no “bones” about it! Our doctor will “set” down the rules for good health.
Ready for another serving of sensational sports stories? Dan Coughlin is here to dish them out.
Plus, how to tell if it’s time for in-home help.
And, don’t take insurance denial lying down!

601 1/22/12

Today – her hunger to help others led her to help the hungry. We’ll learn how one woman has helped people of all ages.
Then, he was on the front lines of the FM radio wars here in Cleveland. He’ll tune us in to the battle to be the best.
We’ll open wide with news that will make you smile.
Plus, we’ll share why an art exhibit is making a good “impression” …
And, our expert reveals the biggest probate mistake – and how you can avoid it.  

600 1/15/12

Today – making sense of today’s economy is challenging.  We have priceless advice.
Then, is your house overweight? We have tips to trim the clutter.
If you’re ready for retirement, we’ll help you tackle the transition.
Plus, we’ll wind our way back to the sixties when WIXY was king of the AM airwaves…
And, how to protect yourself against costly bank, baggage and phone fees.

599 1/1/12

Today – it’s a new year! Before you change your mind, it’s time to register your resolutions for health.
We have ways to have you smiling more in 2012.
Then, we’ll prescribe what you need to do before you need Medicare.
Plus, meet a man whose retirement meant returning to his personal passion – picture taking!
And, we’ll reveal what assets you can keep if you or your spouse needs nursing home care

598 1/8/12

Today – planning on paying off your mortgage? We have priceless information.
Then, no one chooses Alzheimer’s, but we can still make choices. Hear our choice advice.
Cleveland is tops in pop. We’ll see how Clevelanders pop up in pop culture.
Plus we’ll share wisdom on how to work your way back to wellness...
And, the best – and worst – ways to provide financial help for your kids.

597 12/4/11

Does visiting the family at the holidays make you feel like a child again? We’ll share grown-up guidance.
Then, how to eat “home grown” all winter long! We’ll share the recipe.
We’ll meet a woman who’s ready to greet 2012 with a big smile!
Plus we’ll raise the issue of grandmothers raising grandchildren – and offer grand advice.
And, find out if you can hold you financial advisor responsible for your investment losses.  

596 11/27/11

Today – are you taking full advantage of the new tax laws? We’ve got tax tips for 2011.
Bundle up! We’re going walking in a winter wonderland.
Plus we’ll follow doctor’s orders to learn the latest medical news....
And, how about saving some money on your medications?

595 11/13/11

Today – aging and dignity can go hand in hand. We’ll hand out advice on how make that happen.
Wisdom for hurts that won’t heal.
Should you break your bond with Muni bonds? We’ll review the options.
Plus - his wife has Alzheimer’s. We’ll hear a husband’s personal story of life and love.
And, Uncle Sam wants to help out if you’re working at home.  

594 11/6/11

Today – aging and dignity can go hand in hand. We’ll hand out advice on how make that happen.
Wisdom for hurts that won’t heal.
Should you break your bond with Muni bonds? We’ll review the options.
Plus - his wife has Alzheimer’s. We’ll hear a husband’s personal story of life and love.
And, Uncle Sam wants to help out if you’re working at home.  

593 10/30/11

Today – the journey of adapting to Alzheimer’s is challenging. We’ll share a pathway that is healthy and helpful.
Then, can you enjoy Halloween treats – without playing tricks on your teeth?
If you need help moving your parent from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s, we’ll steer you in the right direction
Plus you’ll be thanking us for great Thanksgiving craft ideas – you’ve got plenty of time to create them, too!
And, how to avoid a home title scam.

592 10/23/11

Today – open enrollment for Medicare is going on right now! Don’t let the deadline roll by!
Then, we’ll check out the latest at your local library.
To sleep, perchance to dream – of a pain-free back! We’ll help make your dream come true.
Plus we’ll add up whether annuities are an investment you should take into account.
And, surprising advice about what to do – and NOT do – after a spouse dies.  

591 10/16/11

Today – should you PACE yourself? We’ll walk you through this program for seniors who need nursing home care.
Then, is your dentist up-to-date? We’ll share the latest tools and techniques that should be used on your teeth.
We’ll travel back in time to take a tour of attractions that attracted millions to our metropolis.
Plus, learn why rehab time is time well spent.
And, do you or your spouse have diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease or another serious illness? If so, the V.A. may have money for you.  

590 10/9/11

Today – how to deal with an “interesting” dilemma: low interest rates and creeping inflation.
Then, we’re bending over backwards to help you gain better balance.
You’re old enough to be a grandparent – but now you have a new stepmom or dad! We’ll reveal how to relate.
Plus –freshen up your home with fall floral accents.
And, first there were credit scores to impact your credit eligibility. Now, learn how Medicare scores can affect you.

589 10/2/11

Today – We’ve registered a list of classes that earn an “A plus” for seniors! 
We’ll introduce you to a woman who is happy to share what brought a smile to her face.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We’ll meet the barrier-breaking journalist who was a “front page girl!”
Plus – a simple wound can wind up being worrisome.  We’ll wrap up treatment tips.
And, how to preserve traditional Medicare AND taxpayers, too!

588 9/25/11

Today – is your posture not so perfect? We’ll set you straight with our advice.
Then, we put fall’s favorite fruit to the test and compare apples to apples to find out which are best for biting.
Do you have a long term plan for covering the costs of long term care?
Plus, we’ll list the ingredients for preparing a way to mix friends and food.
And, we’ll reveal a little known technique to increase your retirement income.  

587 9/18/11

Today – The new fall season brings a fresh reason to smile!
Then, the crops are ripe for picking! We’ll celebrate with a delicious dish.
Want to get in better shape? We have a plan of action.
Plus - We’ll make ourselves at home on a tour of a just re-opened treasure.
And, don’t miss out on a new Medicare benefits to keep you healthy and a little more wealthy.

586 9/11/11

Today – on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, we’ll hear a survivor’s personal story.
Then – they say you are what you eat, so we’ve dished up delicious tips for a healthier you..
We’ll list the A-B-Cs of R-M-Ds.
Plus the latest news on preventing prostate cancer.
And, how to “ensure” you get those life insurance proceeds.

585 9/4/11

Today –your house could be wired to keep you well!  We’ll open the door to the technology of the “Smart House.”
Then, wish you had a bulletin board to post your reminder notes, phone numbers and family pictures? We’ll post the steps to build one that’s beautiful!
We’ll send you to school in style – with a grade A smile.
Plus - making travel plans? We’ve mapped out what you need to know before you go.
And, we’ll tell you about a Medicaid law that’s just not fair.

584 8/28/11

Today, does someone you love have Alzheimer’s? We’ll relate tips to increase communication.
Then, the best offense is a good defense! We’ve got the plays to score a winning financial strategy
We’ve got the lowdown on why back pain is on the rise - and what you can do to avoid it.
Plus we hold the keys to keeping your car on the go.
And, do’s, and don’ts, when you inherit an IRA.

583 8/21/11

Today –you're hired! We'll fire up your job hunt skills.
Then, get up close and personal with stories of smiles restored.
When is it time for a senior to put the car in park permanently? We’ll drive home the warning signs.
Plus, step back in time to discover how the path to freedom led through northeast Ohio.
And, a prescription to protecct Medicare now — and for the future. .

582 8/14/11

Today – identity theft is on the rise.  We’ve stolen the best thief-busting ideas.
Then, we’ll serve up a great way to cultivate your taste buds. Is there really a probate-free, income tax-free and estate tax-free investment? We have the answer.
Plus, start your engines! We’ll find out which old-time autos are in the race for first place. 
And, don’t get caught in a co-signing catastrophe!  

581 8/7/11

Today – the state’s new budget is harmful to seniors.  We’ll add up what it will really cost you.
Then, we’ll follow doctor’s orders and learn the best way to care for seniors.
We’ll turn the page to check out what’s happening at your local library.
Plus are your teeth telling your age? We’ll brush up on how to keep your smile young.
And, do you know where your social security card is?.

580 7/31/11

Today – if pensions are passé, where should you retire your funds now? We’ll point out possibilities.
Then, how to see movies on the big screen – but spend a minimum amount of money! 
Then, has the real estate market really turned the corner? We’ll take a walk around the block to find out.
Plus, making a move is monumental!  We’ll unpack helpful advice.
And, the state’s just made it harder to protect your assets.  

579 7/24/11

Today – your sewer rates are going up – but are there ways to dilute the pain? Find out.
Then, if you knew then what you know now, would you be in better shape? We’ll attempt time travel to improve our health.
The workplace now includes four generations. How can they all get along?
Plus, the latest and greatest ways to make you smile.
And, we’ll reveal a little known program designed to make sure you can keep your house.

578 7/17/11

Today – there’s a health issue in older adults that’s often ignored. We’ll put our minds to it.
Summertime…and the crafting is easy! We’ll create a cool craft for the hot weather.
Then, teachers – will you have enough in retirement when you leave the classroom behind?
Plus, a new grandchild! We’ll update you on what’s changed since you had your own little bundle of joy.
And, we'll help you get the maximum from your minimum distributions.

577 7/10/11

Today – “weather” or not it rains, sunny personality has made Dick Goddard an all-seasons favorite. We’re predicting he’ll join us.
Then, what does the future look like for seniors? The former director of the White House task force on older Americans shares his vision.  
Who’s smiling now? Meet a woman who changed her outlook.
Plus, we’ll put our minds to a topic that’s often ignored in older adults – mental health.
And, we’ll reveal a dangerous pitfall with reverse mortgages, and how you can avoid the problem.  

576 6/26/11

Today – school may be out, but we have a retirement class that may teach teachers a thing or two.
Tornadoes, flooding – would you know what to do? We’ll help you do your best to prepare for the worst.
Then, a quit claim is not a quick fix!  We’ll slow things down to save you money when buying a house.
Plus, we’ll unearth the secrets of Cleveland’s Underground Railroad.
And, estate planning in the computer age.

575 6/19/11

Today – it’s a dream come true. At 88, she’s become a media star. We’ll meet our newest local celebrity.
Too settled in on the sofa? It’s time to spring into action to better your back.
Then, dad deserves a delicious dish on his day. We’ll serve it up!
Plus, create a smile that’s fit for a king…and Dad, too!!
And, avoid costly traps when you inherit an IRA.

574 6/12/11

Today – loved ones in long term care need someone on their side – and that “someone” is here today.
Get ready to do some fancy finger-work!
Then, don’t short-change yourself.  We’ll invest some time in teaching money management skills.
Plus, dead men DO tell tales! A Civil War soldier travels through time for a civil discourse at our table.
And, a new technique to maximize your retirement benefits.

573 5/29/11

Today – Cleveland will host hundreds of hot happenings this summer! We’ll shine a spotlight on the stars on star plaza.
His smile was contagious! We’ll spread the story of how it went viral.
Then, elder abuse is on the rise. We’ll identify the warning signs – and where to go for help.
Plus, Dancing Wheels has been on the move for 30 years! We’ll preview their special celebration.
And, Uncle Sam wants to help you cut your costs of caring for your parent.  

572 5/22/11

Today – does taking a stroll take its toll? We’ll walk you through ways to help keep you stepping high.
What’s on the big screen this summer?  We’ve reeled in the season’s top picks.
Then, you need to make the most of your money – at any age!  We’ll share financial facts worth saving.
Plus, discover sites to see right in our own backyard. We’ll take you on a tour.
And, super-sizing you social security benefits.  

571 5/15/11

Today – there’s important information on your pill bottles! We’ll prescribe what you need to know.
Short sales are a big problem! We’ll break this issue into understandable pieces.
Then, mom and dad always knew best – but now you need to know what what’s best for them. We’ll help you make the best of it.
Plus, polishing up your pearly whites
And, we’ll explain how avoiding probate can cost you dearly.

570 5/8/11

Today – what better gift for your family than sharing the lessons you’ve learned?  We’ll help you wrap it up.
Then, we’ve fashioned a few outfits mom will love! 
We’ll share ways to create the mother of all smiles,
We’ll celebrate a day just for seniors
And, isn’t it time to get rid of the “widow’s tax”?

569 5/1/11

Today – Slip sliding away?  We’ll balance advice and exercise to help you foil falls.
Flooded by real estate paperwork? We’ll wade through it with you.
Then, we’ll share why one woman has a new reason to smile!
Plus, ready to hit the road but don’t want to drive? We have tips on terrific trips to take!
And, what assets can you keep if your spouse goes to a nursing home?

568 4/24/11

Today – aging and dignity can go hand in hand. We’ll hand out advice on how make that happen.
Is your home ready to welcome warm weather? We’ll hammer home some tips.
Then, it’s not quackery – you should have your ducks in a row for retirement.  We’ll help.
We’ll put the rubber to the road to highlight innovation in our area
And, we’ll check in on legal matters that matter to you.

567 4/17/11

Today – which costs more – staying in your home or moving to a retirement community? We’ll add up the answer.
We’ll test your mettle with a marvelous metal craft. 
Then, dental details that will have you smiling from ear to ear!
We’ll find out how art can help settle our differences…
And, the rules governing gifts to kids and others----they’ve changed again, and you need to know how. 

566 4/10/11

Today – Learn how the 50/50 program can help adult children care for their aging parents.
Are you in financial information overload? We’ve got a new way to box it all up.  
Then, is your back pain back? We have a treatment you might try.
Plus, how your peers can provide peerless support.
And, make sure your kids and grandchildren have health insurance.  

565 4/3/11

Today – if you have diabetes – and are on Medicare – we’ll provide you with information about saving money.
Don’t just move to a new home – move to a new way of life!  We’ll explain.
Then, we’ll pitch a few options to score a winning smile…
And draw you in with news of a landscape exhibit.
Plus, a new law may unintentionally cut your spouse out of any inheritance. Find out why.

564 3/27/11

Today – you’re leaving your employer. Should you leave your money behind?  Find out.
Love kids? Looking to work? Learn how you can become a “granny nanny!”
Then, we’ll get the back story on the best treatment for back pain.
And, answering the call – how dialing can show you care.
Plus, the best thing to do with a few extra bucks!

563 3/20/11

Today, goodbye old neighborhood, hello retirement community! But how do you make the right move? Find out.
We’ll celebrate spring’s arrival with some real flower power.
Then, the time is right to spring into a new smile. We’ll tell you how.
Plus, lights, camera, festival! We’ll preview the action at the Cleveland Film Festival.
And, are you confused about Medicare Part D? The doctor is in to explain.

562 3/13/11

Today, women face unique financial challenges – and we’ve got workable solutions.
We’ll list the right way for heirs to sell the family home.
Plus, we’ll sneak a peek into Katherine Hepburn’s closet.
And, what will happen to you if the National health care law is dismantled?



Today, we’ll work out ways to win when you’re a weekend warrior!
Then, no one’s ever truly be prepared for the loss of a loved one, but we have stress reducing advice that can help you out.
You can score points at your Super Bowl party when you follow our playbook of winning recipes.
Plus, baby boomers are creating a boom in the need for social service programs. Will they go bust?  Find out.
And, how to protect yourself from lawsuits and creditors.  

560 2/27/11

Today, selling or buying a home? Find out if today’s housing market is hot or not.  
Then, good news! Small changes can make a big difference in your health! We’ll explain.
Are women better than men at managing money? Find out!
Plus, we’ll log on for updates in Social Security.
And, medical bills can ruin your good credit, unless you take our expert’s advice.

559 2/20/11

Today, Larry Morrow, a beloved voice of Cleveland radio, talks to us about his new way with words and shares some memories!
Then, we’ll fill you in with the facts about mercury in those fillings.
We’ll check out the senior programs just for you at the Cleveland Public Library.
And, who should be your executor? The decision is very important!

558 2/13/11

Today, drowning in papers? We’ll throw you a lifeline!
Then, you can reach out to a loved one with dementia.  Find out how.
We’ll introduce you to the play “My Name is Asher Lev.”
And, finally paying off your mortgage should be a reason to celebrate. Don’t let the occasion turn into a nightmare.

557 2/6/11

Today, we honor a man whose fight for civil rights earned him entry into the Hall of Fame.
On this Super Sunday, we’ll share the plays for a super smile.
Then, create a craft that will help you say “Be My Valentine!”
Plus, we’ll prescribe medical news you can use.
And, your phone may be tapped, your calls “intercepted” without your knowledge. We’ll explain.



Today, we’ll work out ways to win when you’re a weekend warrior!
Then, no one’s ever truly be prepared for the loss of a loved one, but we have stress reducing advice that can help you out.
You can score points at your Super Bowl party when you follow our playbook of winning recipes.
Plus, baby boomers are creating a boom in the need for social service programs. Will they go bust?  Find out.
And, how to protect yourself from lawsuits and creditors.  

555 1/23/11

Today, could a real estate stimulus program stimulate your home sale? We’ll offer stimulating information!
Then, this makeover goes far beyond make up! See the results.
We’ll rhapsodize about a musical program you’ll want to take note of.
Plus, when a loved one has cancer, where do you turn for support?
And, legal news you can use.

554 1/16/11

Today, exercising mind over matter really DOES matter. So stretch your brain with our fitness tips.
Get your tax info in tip-top shape, too, when we file out two thousand ten tax advice.
Then, discover the art of creative aging. Meet a ninety-two years young new artist having his first exhibit.
And, if you or your spouse is a veteran, we’ll help you qualify for a little known benefit program.

553 1/9/11

Today, who said college is for kids? We’ll educate you about a campus just for seniors!
Then, resolve to smile more this year!  We’ll offer help!
We’ll travel back in time for some kicks on Route sixty-six.
Plus, we’ll call on our doctor for medical advice,
And, we’ll reveal a hidden spy looking to steal your personal data.

552 1/2/11

Today, we’ll prep you on how to prepare a personal pension plan.
Then, has a bad back ever sent you back to the sack? Sit up and take note of our doctor’s advice.
Get ready to tap your toes when we preview a new musical about Fred Astaire’s most famous partner – Ginger Rogers!
Plus, what’s up doc?  Our medical professional gives the answer.
And, don’t miss out on little known money for military veterans and their spouses.  

551 12/26/10

Today, downsizing your domicile? We’ll hear why you need to consider lifestyle changes down the road.
Then, the doctor is in – with a check up on what you should have checked out. 
Let’s look at what’s booked at your local library – it’s a page-turner!
Plus we’ll share makeover stories that will make you smile
And, are you having trouble getting coverage for off-label drugs? We’ll explain.

550 12/19/10

Today…at 85, he’s had plenty of tough times. Meet a man who says there’s power in adversity.
Then, fixed income – could they fix your finances?
And, are muscle cramps cramping your style? Relief is on the way.
Plus – low vision products that are sure to win high praise.
And, beware of will and trust rip-offs.

549 12/5/10  
548 11/28/10  
547 11/21/10  
546 11/14/10  
545 11/7/10