About Us

Join us at our kitchen table every week in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our talk show is designed to provide workable solutions to the most important concerns facing older Americans and their families. “Golden Opportunities” is hosted by nationally known Attorney,Columnist and Seniors Advocate Armond Budish.  “We’re inviting families to join us each week at our kitchen table,” says Budish.  “We’ve already invited experts in the fields of health, finances, and law to offer practical, up to date information -- whether it's about mom’s memory loss, dad’s Medicare coverage or our own retirement planning.”

“We don’t lecture or use fancy language, so you’ll feel right at home as we cover topics such as understanding your rights in a nursing home or hospital, managing the ups and downs of the stock market, meeting your changing nutritional needs, and protecting your life savings from nursing homes. We often demonstrate devices that can make everyday living easier, and go over exercises that can make everyday living better. 

“This show will surprise people,” declared Budish.  “They’ll watch and say ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me that before?’ or ‘That’s what we talked about last night at dinner!  That’s what we’ve been trying to find out!’ And then we’ll know we’ve done our job."